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Special Episode: Vampire Thanksgiving The Vampire Journals

In this episode, we roleplay vampires trying to get invited to a rad party. Quest Friends! Hereafter uses the roleplaying system Under the Neighborhood. This Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG is designed to emulate adventures from cartoons like Amphibia, The Owl House, and Gravity Falls. Please subscribe and share. You can also support this podcast! Click the link below to get started. Facebook Page: Journals Podcast   Facebook Group: The Vampire Journals Podcast Twitter: @JournalsPodcast Instagram: @JournalsPodcast Game Master and Editor: Kyle Decker Vampire Jeremy (VampJer2000): Morgan Ormond  (Twitter @Morgan_TheHuman) Vampire Scooter: El Haney Vampire Corvina: Hannah Tsiopanos Vampire Coach: Bridget Woodbury Podcast Cover Art by Bridget Woodbury (IG @galaxybraindesign) Theme Song: "Vampire Journals" by Astronaut Mike Dexter. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thevampirejournals/support
  1. Special Episode: Vampire Thanksgiving
  2. Bartering & Martyring
  3. Katerina's Past and Elena's Future
  4. Rose, but also Elijah
  5. Vampire: The Masquerade (Party)