About The Show

THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS is a comedy-discussion podcast started by Morgan Ormond and El Haney and their love of vampire fiction properties.

Premise: Morgan has seen The Vampire Diaries dozens of times over the course of 10 years. One day during the winter of 2020, while re-watching season 4, Morgan texted El.

Morgan: hey… you wanna like… do a

podcast about the vampire diaries?

El: Hell yes.

And so The Vampire Journals was born.

El: Why do they call them JOURNALS

when it’s called The Vampire DIARIES?

It was a good question.

However, we wanted to discuss something more prescient. This show has gained incredible popularity, despite looking like a trashy teen drama on the outside.

So we bring on guest experts every episode to discuss what we liked and didn’t like and why. We realized we wanted to answer this question instead:

Is this show actually any good?

The fun part? Our co-host El and all guest experts have never seen the show! 😈

Follow us on this journey of emotionally processing whatever the hell it is we just watched.

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Morgan Ormond (they/them)

Co-Host Producer Audio Editor

Writer, teacher, and podcast producer. They are the writer of the podcast “Earth Break,” starring Jenny Slate, and the producer of Shoe Bones. They love storytelling, TTRPGs, and binge watching supernatural dramas. They will watch horror movies any time of the year and will talk your ear off about their favorite stories.

El Haney

El Haney (they/them)


Writer, editor, and supernatural opinion haver on the Vampire Journals podcast. They love all flavors of horror, from spooky camp to creeping existential dread.

Hannah Tsiopanos (she/her)

Guest Expert

Worked in publishing of some form for more than five years as a writer, editor, marketer, game designer, and world-builder. She played her first game of Fat Magic in March 2020, and she thinks the best foods are usually the ugliest.

Bridget Woodbury (she/her)

Guest Expert

Aka “Coach”

Rebecca Torchia (she/her)

Guest Expert

Professional writer and editor, and an experienced dabbler in myriad other creative adventures. She loves planning and traveling, and she feels most at home on a forested mountain hike or at a bonfire under a starry sky.